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The Human Rights Server

The Human Rights Server is in the process of re-organisation and re-orientation. Although the International Human Rights Association has tried to make the scope of the Human Rights Server wider than of our own politics the fate of the Server has been connected to that of the IMRV. Since the end of 2001, the IMRV, its political leadership and its core work has been under severe attack. This has also affected the Human Rights Server negatively.

During our difficulties, we have been touched and encouraged by the overwhelming support that we have received from the main refugee organisations in Germany, and their insistence that we continue and expand our work. Further, the message from the refugees is that we should organisationally and politically tighten ourselves, root our democratic structure more firmly on the refugees and thus be less dependant on vacillating and uncommitted supporters.

Since the Human Rights Server is an important tool for the IMRV in our work the developments in the IMRV will be reflected in it. We are re-building our server starting with a limited number of countries but with a deeper involvement of the refugees themselves and step by step widen our reach. We hope very much that you are able to contribute positively to this process.

 ‘Until the Lions have their historians, tales of hunting will always glorify the hunter’. As the world is driving towards war it is important to bring out the truth in our countries. The server gives voice to the victims of war and oppression and it brings out the stories of courageous resistance and the desire for peace with justice.

New magnificence

Since over one year we have been working on the new design of our internet page. Finally we made it, despite the hugh work we had all the time. Now the new design is online. We hope, that you will like it and that it will make the whole site more clearly.

What´s new?

Sprach Klappbox
Changing the language by using the language box.
We have made the page easier and changed the navigation. All important areas are reachable by using the menue on the left side. Furthermore the multi-lingual system has been improved and now it is possible to change the language on every single page (this function is not available in the archive section). This can be done at the top of the page by using the language box.

If a document is not available in the wanted language this will be displayed on top of the document. The document will be displayed then in one of the available languages.

Where are the old pages?

All the old pages are still available in the archive and step by Step they will be fitted into the new structure - so nothing gets lost. Also all the external links are still available and will be redirected into the archive.

Your opinion

We ask you to send your opinion about the new System. If you know some improvements or found bugs like missing links let us know.