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Home » Kemal Kutan is Free, but is still in danger

Kemal Kutan is Free!
But, he still is in danger!
Letter From Kemal

A Karlsruhe Court has ruled that Kemal Kutan will not be extradited – at this time. It has ruled that Kemal can be freed from his captivity! This is great news indeed!

But, unfortunately, it does not mean that he is safe now. This is because the Turkish authorities can make up another case for extradition. Because of this it is critical that pressure is built up for Kemal to get political asylum in Germany.

The case for political asylum is now clear for all to see. The fact that the Turkish government wants him is clear because of the extradition order. The fact that he will face prison is also clear – because the seriousness of the charges that he faces. He has already been imprisoned in Turkey and he has already been tortured. A German court has already decided that he should not be extradited at this time. So the objective case for political asylum should be self-evident. However, if you are familiar with the recent decisions for political asylum for Turkish leftists like Kemal you will know that there is no guarantee or even a good chance that he will indeed get political asylum in Germany. If there is negative decision for his asylum case and at the same time if there is a new application from the Turkish authorities – everything will be reversed. We cannot underestimate the pressure that the Turkish government can put on Germany in a case like this. Germany and Turkey has massive economic ties.

That is why it is important to act quickly and demand that the German authorities grant Kemal Kutan political asylum immediately.

Your support can help to ensure a positive outcome. What is necessary in this case is reasoned argument from you. The German asylum authorities have to realise that there are a wide range of people who understand the important ethical issues at stake here and are expecting them to do the right thing. We urge you take 30 minutes or so to read the text and to formulate your own personal argument and send it to us or directly to the two fax numbers given. At the very least you can add your name to those supporting the ‘example of an appeal’ also on our site.

A victory for one is a victory for all!

IMRV Bremen 31.03.08