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The Peace Process and Germanys Responsibility

Tharmaseeli Velupillai is a member of the Executive Committee member of the IMRV, the International Human Rights Association Bremen. She is speaking about the peace process in Sri Lanka and Germanys Responsibiliy.

Video-Interview in Tamil (real-player)
(realplayer download)

Translation of the Video with Tharmaseeli Velupillai

We, from the International Human Rights Association Bremen, have many times demanded that the German government support the peace initiative of the Norwegian government. We had explained to the German government that, it was Chandrika Kumaratunge ( the president) who was the obstacle to peace and not the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam. But the German government always insisted it was the LTTE that is the obstacle to peace. Even though the LTTE had several times implemented a unilateral cease- fire, at one point for four consecutive months, Chandrika’s government continued the war. During that time we proposed to the German government to use its influence on Chandrika to stop the war and to enter into talks for peace. But Chandrika’s policy was not talks for peace but ‘war for peace’! The German government ignored us and accepted Chandrika’s policy. In fact, the last time Chandrika was in Germany, the German government stated that it has complete faith in Chandrika’s politics.

But now everyone can understand the consequence of Chandrika’s politics. Chandrika is making every effort to destroy the peace talks that are taking place now. German government must understand that they have made a serious mistake of backing Chandrika and ignoring us, and they must learn from this and work with us for peace. But, German government’s response (to the period of peace) is to use force to deport us, the Tamil refugees, who have campaigned for peace.

I am from Jaffna.
In Jaffna, large and important parts of our land is occupied by the Sri Lankan armed forces, which they call ‘Security Zones’. The army refuses to move out of these areas despite the peace talks.
In this situation where can I go to live?
We ask again from the German government that they should put pressure on the Sri Lankan government that the army should be removed from these places in Jaffna.
When the army goes out of Jaffna, then I will be able to go back to my home!