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Sri Lankan Ministers speak

A delegation of MPs from Sri Lanka, during a trip to Europe to look into the federal systems in Belgium, Germany, Italy and Austria, were met by the on the 19th January by the IMRV (International Human Rights Association Bremen, Germany). The trip was organized by an NGO called "Peace Talk". We asked several MPs regarding the peace process and the situation of the refugees in the island.

Video Clips:

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Dr. Jayalath Jayawardena (in English)
(UNP - United National Party) is the Minister of Rehabilitation, Resettlement of refugees. He is one of the senior Ministers in the Cabinet and he is a Sinhalese.

G.G. Ponnambalam (in English) (in Tamil)
(TNA - Tamil National Alliance) is a member of the Parliament, representing the Jaffna District and is a Tamil.

Periyasamy Chandrasekaran (in Tamil)
is the leader of the Up-Country Peoples Front and a Cabinet Minister and is a Tamil.

Ven. Dr. Baddegama Samitha (in English) (in Sinhalese)
(LSSP - Lanka Socialist Party) is a member of the Parliament and he is a Sinhalese Buddhist Monk.

Kabeer Hasheem (in English)
(UNP - United National Party) is a Cabinet Minister in the present government and is a Muslim