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German authorities arrest Six Tamil activists
The obvious question that arises is, why is it that now, nearly one year after the Sri Lankan regime ended the war on the island - by killing, according to Gordon Weiss , 'as many as 40,000 civilians during the last stages' - the authorities in Germany have suddenly decided to arrest several individuals who are highly respected within the Tamil community?
Statement on the Referendum
Statement from the International Human Rights Association - Bremen on the referendum it conducted among the Tamil refugees in Germany. (24.01.10)
Act against the torture and executions in Sri Lanka
The terrible reality faced by Tamils who are being 'screened' by the Sri Lankan government is seen on this video-clip.
Afro community faces eviction by Anglo Gold Ashanti in Colombia!
6th August is the date fixed for the eviction of the black community in La Toma, in the Suárez municipality in north Cauca, Colombia.!
Tamils cannot be evacuated to Sri Lankan Govt. detention camps!
Urgent Petition to the EU - to stop the catastrophe in Sri Lanka – make a stand - you can make a difference! Sign the petition and get others do it!
Prominent Tamil Editor Vithyatharan abducted in Colombo!
The 'white van' abduction of the senior Tamil journalist in Colombo this morning (26th Feb 2009) marks a new round of escalation on the attacks on the rights of the Tamil people in Sri Lanka. (He has been freed - thank you for the support)
Defence journalist missing in Sri Lanka!
Keith Noyahr, Defence writer of English weekly 'The Nation' is reported missing from late evening today 22nd May 2008 (He has been freed - he is in hospital after suffering a severe beating)
Kemal Kutan is Free - but he is still in danger!
A Karlsruhe Court has ruled that Kemal Kutan will not be extradited! and he has been set free! But, unfortunately, it does not mean that he is safe now..
Attacks on the media escalates in Sri Lanka
Six people - journalists and media workers - in custody. Four Tamils and two Sinhalese working in the media field are being held by the Terrorist Investigation Division (TID) of the Sri Lankan Police.
Double standards of the German authorities
Kemal Kutan and Søren Kam both live in southern Germany. They both have pending requests for extradition from Germany. But here the similarity ends. (See also the new update)
Immediate action needed
The British foreign and development ministers must put immediate pressure on the Sri Lankan President to release S. Sajitharan - a relative of a Tamil MP, who has been abducted by a pro-government group to push through the annual budget of the government
International campaign to defend Asoka Handagama
An international campaign to defend artistic freedom in the wake the attacks on Asoka Handagama’s work has started. Initial supporters of the appeal include the British film director Ken Loach. Watch this space daily for new developments… .
Release Tiran Alles immediately!
Tiran Alles, the well-known Sri Lankan businessman and owner of the publishing house Standard Newspapers Pvt. Ltd was arrested on the 30th May while he was undergoing treatment in a Colombo hospital. His publishing house printed the popular newspapers ‘Mawbima’ and ‘Sunday Standard’.(Tiran Alles has been freed)
Open letter to Angela Merkel from Civil Society Groups in Nigeria
Civil Society groups critisise invitation to Umar Yar'Adua to the G8 summit in Heiligendamm
Arrest of director of publishing house in Sri Lanka!
On Monday, the 26th of February, at 10pm Sri Lankan time, officers from the ‘Terrorist Investigation Division’ (TID) arrested Dushantha Basnayake a director of ‘Standard Newspapers Private Limited’ (SNPL) in Colombo. Standard Newspapers’ print the popular Sinhala weekly ‘Mawbima’(motherland), a newspaper that has been under severe attack from the President Mahinda Rajapakse. (Dushantha Basnayake has been freed)
Sri Lankan regime lurches to the extreme right as abduction and repression spread to the south!
On the 5th of February, three Sinhalese, known in anti-war and left circles in Sri Lanka were arrested by the Srilankan Security forces under the pretext of "terrorism". This was the beginning of a fear campaign against the opposition against war drive of the government in the South
Deaththreats against activists in Barranquilla
On 14 December 2006, in the city of Barranquilla, a communiqué was left at the residence of Euripides Yance, a Coca-Cola worker and member of the National Committee of SINALTRAINAL. The communiqué threatens various student, social and trade union leaders, giving them a week to leave the city.
Correspondent for Telesur in Colombia arrested
On the evening of November 19, 2006, the journalist FREDY MUÑOZ ALTAMIRANDA, correspondent in Colombia for Canal TELESUR, was detained by agents from the Administrative Department of Security (DAS)
Video-Interview with Sivaram Dharmeratnam - Editor of tamilnet.com
Shortly after the interview his colleague Aiyathurai Nadesan was assassinated in Sri Lanka
Tamil freelance journalist attached to the Sinhala weekly Mawbima arrested
On the 24.11.06, Parameswaree Munusamy, a 24-year-old female Tamil journalist was arrested by a ‘Special Task Force’ (STF) squad in Colombo, Sri Lanka. She has been detained under the draconian ‘Prevention of Terrorism Act’ (PTA).(Parameswaree Munusamy has been freed)
The Terror against the Ay Family must stop!
New: Video-Interviews with the film director Ken Loach and the actor Colin Firth
Protest against the planned deportation and write letters of protest
Womens' Voices - Urgent Action
Murder of Popular Women’s Organisation member in Colombia
Video-Interview with K.V. Balakumar
responsible for the political education of the LTTE cadres
Refugees – we are the victims of war and the messengers of peace!
Message to the peace movement
Sri Lanken Ministers
speak about the peace process and the situation of the refugees.
Crisis in Nigeria - The USA and the oil
Video- Interview with Kayode Ogundamisi
Tharmaseeli Velupillai
Executive Committee member of the IMRV about the peace process in Sri Lanka and Germanys Responsibiliy
- Videointerview
Nuriye Kesbir since 7th of May on Hungerstrike
The Kurdish politician and member of the Executive Committee of the People´s Congress of Kurdistan is facing deportation from the Netherlands to Turkey
Ouro-Agui Abdou Bassitou is free! Thank you for your support
the leading togolese activist of the PDR in Germany was deported to Ghana on the 19th of June but the authorities of Ghana refused to take him. PLease, furthermore send signature lists
Fr. Emmanuel reports
from his recent trip to Sri Lanka and about the current peace process
Racial abuse
by the German Border Police - Video-Interview
about the Women Tigers